engineer muhammad ali mirza

Best scholars in Islam right now:( Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza and Dr Israr Ahmed)

In contemporary times, the landscape of Islamic scholarship is flooded with individuals claiming expertise. However, discerning seekers often encounter narratives rooted in personal anecdotes or unreliable sources. Moreover, historical figures, including some prominent ones, have been associated with practices contrary to Islamic teachings, yet masqueraded them as Sufism or innovative teaching methods.

In the context of Pakistan and India, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza stands out as a beacon of authentic Islamic guidance. Renowned for his profound grasp of Tawheed (the oneness of God) and the Quran, he vehemently opposes sectarian divides within the Muslim community.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that while Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza offers invaluable insights into Islamic principles, there might be areas of contention, such as his perspective on conflicts like the Israel-Palestine war. Nevertheless, his viewpoints on matters pertaining to Islam are undeniably insightful and accurate

engineer muhammad ali mirza
Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

“Ranked as one of the top scholars in the Middle East, Dr. Israr Ahmed stands out for his profound insights into the end of times and Jewish history. His compelling predictions and motivational speeches inspire countless individuals, advocating for an all-encompassing Islamic system. Notably, Dr. Ahmed opposes nationalism, deeming it contrary to Islamic principles.”

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